Topic: [Comiket 91] Game Download Thread

(C91) コミックマーケット / Comic Market / Comiket 91

Date: 2016.12.29-31 | Type: Various

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Video previews of some of the games being released at this event, courtesy of Edelweiss

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Discussion thread for this event, please post there if your post is not directly related to downloads

Re: [Comiket 91] Game Download Thread

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Re: [Comiket 91] Game Download Thread

Cambria Sword:!h8IywSBT!NJydXzKfTxrusqkQNmEeIQ


Arifurta Final Phase:!85oxUS4Z!vMzFxW7a_bEJm6jLlaud5A

Phantom Sol:!UoAkVZDD!IUsX6j3pyiC9UrIBmZgeZA


Steel Striker (Demonstration):!AhAgyLxC!7qUj5RalhrnfkAvryPbBWg


Toho Legion:!5wADFIgK!Uw-c9sAsRVcDvS7hIgkYYg

Queen of Battlers 2.
(If you get error 38 after installing, install from … svcr71dll/ with windows 7 compatibility. Well, I tried that and it still didn't work.)

soulsaber 2

Lost Future Omega:!R84hGQJD!1c7CJeO0qXZUIdXUDj7DPA


Yakouga 08:!xlxjARxC!gph2zM3wf45uePJi1gfH-g

風の吹く丘で体験版+α:!9xxAGAAA!O-8MR1jA4HT3l_0TnCO0vw (Not working for me, but I'm putting it up incase it's just my shit travel set up)

Pang EX:!thhzTTxb!lLcFYIqnDKaMOjI82sg5SQ

Steam Rumble [Embed]


AskashicForce C91 Trial

NonetConcertoDistortion (this one is a few years old)

NonetSympathia (new)

Reinforcement Poker:!hwR1ALIB!PUndQzSokbAJ_crQkQLmnQ


Witch Ring Meister!dlNSTArB!RR4EVRZ80x_L … vDGvFOLWTQ

Lot2 plus disk/ touhou Labyrinth 2 Plus Disc. (See their site for the patches.)!V4NjjQpQ!IJ5Ma-T6tQbg … O0NDHTWX8o

Re: [Comiket 91] Game Download Thread

I'm using Windows 10, and Here the Queen of Battlers2 worked fine, I've just put the MSVCR71.dll in the executable folder.