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(M3-31) M3-2013春 / M3-2013 Spring

Date: 2013.04.29 | Type: Various

--- Music Preview Thread ---
Crossfades and previews for music released at this event

Re: [M3-31] Music Download Thread

This thread is a replacement for the old M3-31 event thread that was deleted, you can help repopulate this thread by posting any M3-31 downloads you have.
You can find the link to the deleted thread in the Event Thread Index.
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Re: [M3-31] Music Download Thread

Disclaimer: Originally Hakkin and I had this idea where we can restore the deleted event threads and luckily I have MOST of the albums in M3-31.
Took me months of *cough* hoarding and scouring the internet to find some of the albums.
Also, my bad if the formatting of the images are not unified, got lazy for the album art and just search the good ones i can find.

Here is the checklist that I made for the M3-31 Collection, please note though that it will also serve as a checklist for the other deleted event threads.

And for those who are lazy :v (like me sometimes), here is the MEGA folder of all M3-31 albums. You're welcome guys.

Re: [M3-31] Music Download Thread

Progressive / Electro / House / Drum & Bass / Dubstep

[DVSP-0090~91] [M3-31] [Diverse System] AD:Electronic Dance 2

[DVSP-0092] [M3-31] [Diverse System]【音楽】AD:House 2

[DARC-001] [M3-31] Wanderlust

[JER-003] [M3-31] [ジェリコの法則]  Jericos Works Selection

[DGLG-0006] [M3-31] [Digital Logics] Vernal Hues

[ALNT-0003] [M3-31] [Digital Logics] Alinut - Melty Wind EP

[AMAZ-0002] [M3-31] [Amazing Records] Feeling You EP

[PRCD-005] [M3-31] [Pinokiti Records] Fruited Vagabond Vol.3

[ADMS-1301] [M3-31] [AsianDynasty Records] Summer Night Fever

[OFR-02] [M3-31] [Omni Force Record] Omnifarious2

[DNCD-007] [M3-31] [DYNASTY RECORDS] DJ Shimamura - MAX

[ACAL-0002] [M3-31] [AcuticNotes] Kathalshame

[KSMN-021] [M3-31] [Kusemono Records] BASSCORE- INVASION

[NGNM-0001] [M3-31] [長沼浩太] 長沼浩太EP


[GATCD-01] [M3-31] [GAT] GAT01

[M3-31] [Oak Flux] Moment

[MTCD-015] [M3-31] [MinamoTrance] Re-Union

[THCN-0008] [M3-31] [Technomy] CHASE THE SCENE

[MSTBL051] [M3-31] [MOB SQUAD BLACK LABEL (Sub-69)] Electronic Dope Mutant

[HLEX-00006] [M3-31] [Halozy]TOHO R&B House Party Vol. 0

[M3-31] [Project Break Artz] Bloody Caesar

[M3-31] [floater-io] Flood of Silence

[ER-0003] [M3-31] [en;Dolphin Records] Tokyo Audio Waffle

KAICD-001] [M3-31] [K.A.I. Records] TO LIKE IT

[M3-31] [Frozen System Records] Frozen Government Wars Vol.1

[UTCD-003] [M3-31] [Unitone] BENSALEM

[M3-31] [Voltecks] nu low freq 2

[RKAL-001] [Unitone (Ryunosuke Kudo)] Mellow EP

[CRTX-003] [M3-31] [Cyberaser Records] Ethos

[KMSN-0016] [M3-31] [kamome sano] beta_20130429r

[M3-31] La Cue'n Vol.1 (mpc)

[M3-31] [Right Stuff] A・O

[M3-31] [erogeselektor] True Route

Re: [M3-31] Music Download Thread

Re: [M3-31] Music Download Thread

Re: [M3-31] Music Download Thread

Re: [M3-31] Music Download Thread

Re: [M3-31] Music Download Thread

Re: [M3-31] Music Download Thread

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Re: [M3-31] Music Download Thread

Albums which are found in [Part 1]
*I will add the others once I have the time, which will be in a separate post*


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Re: [M3-31] Music Download Thread

Just one I had and didn't find in the MEGA folder.

Re: [M3-31] Music Download Thread

Btw, just setting expectations to you guys, I didn't download the denpa albums that were released. To be honest, didn't like the genre but to complete the thread, yeah, I hope you guys could post it here and some of the albums that I wasn't able to find.

Appreciate the help guys smile.

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Re: [M3-31] Music Download Thread

Here's what I was able to find.

[Gothic Marionette] Nadir

[葉月ゆら] ヴァルプルギスの夜の夢

[WAVE] trajectorio

[Re;Re] Schwarzweiß Spiegel

[エミルの愛した月夜に第III幻想曲を] 裁きの業火 嘆きのフィーネ
FLAC | v0
Took the opportunity to redo the scans for this.

Re: [M3-31] Music Download Thread

Albums found in [Part 2]

Re: [M3-31] Music Download Thread

Almost forgot this beauty of an album :v

well, guess thats it for all the albums in my Music Library, hope you guys could add the other albums that are missing in the collection.