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Atlus created a survey about which persona games you would purchase in the future. The list included...

Persona 6

Persona 5: Definitive edition

Persona 5: Arena

Persona 5 Dancing all night

Revelations: Persona HD remake

Persona 2: Innocent Sin / Eternal Punishment HD remake
Persona 3 HD remake

Persona 3 Dancing all night

Persona Q sequel and remake for other hardware

Persona series board game

Persona series online game

Persona series shooting game

What are your thoughts?


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I think it was mentioned somewhere that they were very interested in a P5 Arena game.
P4U/2 wasn't as bad as people claim it to be (specially when the abomination called Under Night In-Birth exists), I had a lot of fun with it and I will agree certain mechanics were rage-inducing (looking at you, Shadow Chie) but was overall a great game and I would definitely play a P5/U/U2.

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Re: Get ready for more persona!

While it would be nice to have Persona 5: Definitive Edition, it seems a bit early for that already.  Personally, I'd be more than a bit interested in a sequel to Persona Q and Persona 6 to a lesser degree.  I'd be even more interested if they made Persona games (aside from Persona Q) for more than just Sony systems, but that strikes me as wishful thinking.

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I recall there being 3DS ports.
I allways wanted a thing called tuna sashimi!

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Persona for PC !

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touhou wrote:

Persona for PC !

lol please elaborate before I click