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(C92) コミックマーケット / Comic Market / Comiket 92

Date: 2017.08.11-13 | Type: Various

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Video previews of some of the games being released at this event, courtesy of Edelweiss

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Discussion thread for this event, please post there if your post is not directly related to downloads

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東方天空璋~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons


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[AREA-ZERO]Magical Girl Vs. Fantasy World Magical Battle Arena NEXT (credit to Anonymous)

[AECRNIA]ELMIA (credit to Anonymous)

[Reminisce ]Link: The Unleashed Nexus (credit to Anonymous)

[黒毛屋本舗]七宮村連続強姦殺人事件 (credit to Anonymous)
*Warning game +18 years old*
I'm not responsible if you are chocked by the sex and violence content of the game.


MEGA (credit to Anonymous)

MEGA (credit to Anonymous)

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