Topic: Otaku-Elite Recordings KEINE KAMISHIRASAWA -The chosen place is yours-

Good day, Doujinstyle troupe. I've exhausted every nook and cranny I could think of to find this album and the best I could find was the preview/teaser crossfade. As such, I must bend my one rule of not being a vocal leecher and ask for some help: a download link or reference to where one is would be great. Here's the nitty gritty:

Album: KEINE KAMISHIRASAWA -The chosen place is yours-
Circle: Otaku Elite Recordings
Format: Either lossy or lossless, but I'd prefer 320 CBR or its VBR cousin in lossy.

As always, thanks for any help and keep up the tremendous work you guys do. Not everyone knows the joys of Doujin yet. Looking forward to that day...

Cheers, Sazh.