Topic: How to warframe with lower graphics?

So a lot of you guys play Warframe and I decided to play it too, but I see a huge drop in framerate whenever I play a mission. Since it's not the conventional settings you see in any other game, I wondered which of those options to turn off so as to have a good impact on the performance.

I could turn them all off but I'm not sure whether or not they affect the lagging.

Please help out a noob >.<


Re: How to warframe with lower graphics?

Vsync, AA, and especially PhysX for sure. Dynamic Lighting, Character Shadows, and Shadow / Texture Quality not necessarily impactful. Bloom, Blur, Depth of Field just because it only strains your eyes anyway. Color correction is a matter of preference. Runtime Tessellation requires experimentation but apparently improves performance if it's on in return for meh objects until they actually load. The last thing you can do is to reduce the resolution. I don't use my laptop's native 1600 x 900 resolution myself because the user interface is too tiny for me as a result.

Re: How to warframe with lower graphics?

Thanks Zu, I have no lags now.

Also, you were right, this game was great indeed, I dunno why I got bored when I first installed it.