Topic: Touhou Waifu Wars now available for international orders!

Its your friendly admin Kairyu. You don't see me very much these days but occasionally I reappear with status updates. Today I'd like to tell you guys to get Touhou Waifu Wars.

With each set you get, you'll have the following all wrapped up in a nice unassuming box:

49 "Waifu" cards representing various Touhou characters
15 standard play cards
4 reference cards
1 Instruction sheet

The objective of the game is to eliminate your opponents either through knockout or out ranking them. Accomplish this and you get a Waifu. First to collect four Waifus wins the game. Here's a tutorial explaining all that in more detail:

If you'd like to have a set for yourself, we're currently taking orders to be shipped out. If you get a set together with our 2017 Touhou Calendar or artbook, we'll throw in a set of 9 special Waifus with your order (while stocks last). Expect to receive a set within 2-3 weeks of payment.

Order form:

If you have any questions, ask away. I'll be happy to address them smile

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