Topic: gf broke up with my few days ago..i need help me and my gf had been together for 8 months plus. Few days ago we broke up. Before we broke up, we had some argument. Basically the argument was because of this guy named Zac. To me, this Zac guy is a complete asshole. He is the very reason we broke up. Zac is my ex male friend. Before we break up, I realize that my ex had been texting a lot with this Zac guy. This Zac would keep chatting with her and keep finding her.
So i am 26 years old working quite far from my gf. My gf is 19, still a college student. The Zac guy is 22 years guy, studying same college as my gf. The worst part is both of them staying in the same area, i mean same condominium but different floors. This Zac guy would bring my gf out for dinner and all, the saddest part is my gf allow it. He even bought my gf a pillow doll and my gf stupidly go accept it, whats even worst is she set that doll as her phone wallpaper, which make thing even more suspicious.  So, one day while i was working, my sister who happen to study in the same college as my ex, send me picture of Zac and my gf walking very closely together in the canteen. So i got worried and confused, i called my sister and ask, my sister said she saw Zac holding my gf waist. I got furious and called my gf and ask. she kept saying nobody was holding her waist. At this point its hard for me to believe. I dont know whether my sister is telling lies or my gf is telling lies. Soon after that, I kept calling my gf, but she wouldnt pick up the phone. After a while, my gf sent me a very long text saying she want to break up and all. At that moment my mind is mess up and got very angry, I couldnt think straight, so i just reply ok lets break up. Because for me its just strange, she didnt even bother to explain and straight go for a break up. Its like she knew she was getting caught and wanted to break up.

Now a few days after we broke up, I started to miss her a lot. I even do stupid things like call her more than 20 times a days and spam her with text messages. But she would just ignore me and didnt reply me at all. After we broke up, we meet a few times, during our meeting, I would ask her to tell me the truth, is she really like the Zac guy. She keep saying she have no feeling toward him and all. Just a few day ago, I stalked her snapchat, saw her going out with the Zac guy, went out for dinner and shoppping all. It breaks my heart. At this point I really dont know whether shes just a good liar or what. Just 2 days ago, while stalking her on her snapchat, I saw she invite him over to her hostel and they was a movie together, because i saw the laptop screen reflection, where Zac was sitting just beside her. It break my heart. So i immediately sent a long text message to scold her, how could she do all those thing all. After a while, she replied me, saying that I have no right to says anything because we had broke up and its up to her to do whatever she wants. She even said before we broke up, she didnt do anything that would hurt out relationship. She just said the very reason we broke up is because I didnt trust her. I find it very hard to trust her as all those thing she did with Zac and all. After that text she sent, she have blocked me on every social media, facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat. Before she completely blocked me off all social media, we had chat for a while in Facebook messenger, I showed her im holding one of the book she borroewed me, she said that can we meet up again? Because she want to have that book back, but not now  after 1 or 2 months, she said we can meet up after i finish reading that book. I dont know what that means.

Just yesterday was New year. I saw on her Facebook where she have changed profile picture. That profile picture is a picture where she wear a cloth I bought for her as Christmas present. I dont know why shes doing really confuse...I still miss her and I am now trying to do the 30 days no contact thing. What do you guys think? What should I do?

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Best thing to do is probably find a new girl to forget about her. Unless you want to challenge Zac to a duel like the olden and win back her affection but that's probably not acceptable anymore


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I'm fairly convinced it's time to move on. She seems like someone who's bothered by long-distance relationships but doesn't have the common courtesy of clarifying her feelings towards you and then shifts the blame on you with a very simple excuse.

The Zac thing had probably been going on long before you received your first hint about it, but even now there's no reason for her to sit down and have an honest talk with you because you can't have a conversation face to face.

Not saying she's all bad because I was in a similar spot before, but she's handling this rather clumsily either way. As a side note, 8 months is not much. So, again, accept that relationships can end like this and move on.

If things magically end up with you getting together again, it would feel better to be surprised by that turn of events anyway in comparison to hoping for something that's unlikely to happen and then being devastated when it doesn't.

Re: gf broke up with my few days ago..i need help

Maybe her and Zac broke it off and she wants you back as rebound.  If she does end up trying to get back with you, you have to tell her she needs to be clear with her communication and that something like this won't happen again behind your back.

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Thank you all of your taking your time to read and give comments. I really appreciate it. Right now all I can do is just to give up and let her be. Should anything happen I'll update here.

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tldr version of my analysis;

She is 19 and wants to explore her options. It doesn't matter what youve done for her, because in the end  and as shitty as it sounds girls around that age are dumb as fuck and don't know what they want.

Unfriend her on FB and cut off all source of communication with her.

It will take time to recover. Good luck.

Source: personal similar experience