Topic: The Doujin Hunt | Part 1: The Colored Doujin

You may ask me,

What do you mean by Colored Doujin, and what's all about this series of Doujin Hunting?

Well I'll tell you...

I am on a mission to find the best Doujin that I can, and zip it up and upload it to my mediafire account.

Colored Doujin is simply the non-black&white version of Doujin. It is Doujin that has been colored, therefore you can see the color of the girls hair (pink, green, yellow, etc...)

This Doujin hunt may consist of images from Evangelion, Naruto, Pokemon, Gurren Lagann, Bleach, Avatar: The last Airbender, Naruto, Final Fantasy, etc...

This is mostly for males, and I will try to find Doujin more specific for Females.

I promise you these files contain zero viruses, I don't make viruses nor do I intend to share viruses, I do not wish for my computer to be attacked by viruses, so I choose not to download files or upload files with viruses on them. These are just .jpg images, no viruses at all.

I promise you these files are 100% Doujin/Hentai (Some images in a folder named Random is Hentai, just added for those wanting it)

There is no...

Furry Pornography of any sort, and no tentacle pornography. I try my best to pick out the very best of the Doujin, in fact I picked out the ones that were much easier to see the female, breasts and all.

There are plenty of images, in fact there are a total of 632 images in 39 folders.

This hunt has ended up with quite a large files, about 87MB Zipped File, full of folders, images, and even 1 readme.txt that contains all of the sites that I found these Doujin/Hentai images.

I understand that this forum is strictly for Doujin, so I promise you that over 97% of the images are fully Doujin (18 files are not Doujin, and 614 images are Doujin)

This link will lead you to, and the file name is, if you are redirected to a file that isn't named, then let me know, and I will update the link.

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Man, this looks promising.

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These sites are being more obsolete every day.

They hardly have any new content, and I can easily scroll through the content that I've already added, but I think it's about time I start expanding my outreach to more than just and

Aerisdies has almost infinite hentai images in almost every kind of genre' and niche' that you could possibly imagine.

But there is a vast amount of sites that have newer content than and has better quality doujin than aerisdies

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I can't download them . They said " The key you provided for file access was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire." Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The mediafire link is down because the post is from 2012. Unless kchoman is still active on this board you're out of luck really...