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Re: [Comiket 92] Game Discussion Thread

Original, witch, shadow, bat-lantern
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This is a 3D game action game. In this one we control the witch Shutte. She exorcists devil spirits in jumping, on theirs shadows. She can, also with hers powers, "control the shadows". The game happens in dark world. So, Shutte uses the help of her servant Ranta, a bat-lantern. Ranta with her light produces shadows, where Shutte can acomplish her work.
The game is during between 6-10 hours and it's really great with the effect of light and shadows.

Original, visual novel, science fiction
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fault is a series of Science Fantasy Cinematic Novels using a unique 3D Camera system for a visually immersive reading experience. Follow Selphine, the bubbly Princess and her sharp-witted Royal Guardian, Ritona, on their journey of a lifetime back to their homeland of Rughzenhaide.

fault - SILENCE THE PEDANT is a sequel of the game fault - milestone one.

The game milestone one, can be buy and download in english on this page: … stone_one/

Concerning, SILENCE THE PEDANT, the english translation should appear during the Q4 2017. But not date available. I'm letting a link here, for people who are interesting about the series of fault.

Devoted fan of Yura Hatsuki :
エミルの愛した月夜に第III幻想曲を/ Emiru's CDs explications (except for the first and second album) :!qcsylKKA!0C4L9U-ZWA2Go5GcYKdg3Q (explication from what I understand in Japenese. Please, understand other interpretations are possible.)