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Well, so far I found torrents of episodes 1 ~ 5 and 8 in pretty much as pristine of a quality as can be, supposedly fully raw (still downloading 1 ~ 5) but 6 and 7 literally don't exist, lol. All I can do right now is ask the uploaders of the episodes with custom subtitles if they can provide the raw files. Other than that, wait for the 2 to randomly pop up in the following...years?

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love yall! xx

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As the resident "all-things-Touhou-on-DVD" collector, here are my notes regarding Fantasy Kaleidoscope availability of RAW material (be it DVD or BD):

- List of all known DVD/BD releases: … M4BdAdKo1c - note that there are missing titles on the list so the DVD/BD volume labels for those are pure speculation. Yes, I've included EVERYTHING I could find about disc releases, including PVs and "preview discs", considering that MJ's blog is a godawful disaster for anything that isn't a main feature release.

- Episodes 1 to 4 are available in BD, which supersedes the previous DVD releases (two BDs so far: one for episode 1/PCB arc and other for episodes 2-4/EoSD arc), albeit sorely lacking on the extras department, so no HD PVs for you (bummer, since those also double as creditless OP/EDs for those of us into "let's localize the production credits" stuff). I don't doubt they're going to release more BDs in the future for the rest, given their tendency for waiting to complete an arc to give it the BD treatment. Unsure about how they're going to do with that Cirno episode (7), since it's just one of the "routes" from Hisoutensoku.

- As you've already guessed: finding material for episodes 1-5 and 8 is not actually difficult: aside of a "rebuilt" DVDISO for the Episode 3 (I know that well since I was who reauthored the "phantasm3" ISO floating around the net because some fucker decided to strip the menu and instead uploaded a ~2GB VOB to Baidu, completely ruining the disc structure... at least he bothered keeping the chapters!), everything else can be found untouched. The big glaring gaps are episodes 6 and 7. ISOs must exist somewhere... tightly locked behind firewalled gardens where nobody can enter. In fact the whole Touhou (and doujin) filesharing scene went to shit after Japanese uploaders stopped uploading and the Chinese seized the scene with their "nobody is welcome, pay2piracy" locked forums. Yes, that shit pisses me off as much as the next leecher, but unless if you have a way to buy shit from Japan, there is nothing we can do but to cry a river hmm

- We got DVDISOs for episodes 4 and 5 thanks to local member grgspunk, who put his money where his mouth is and actually went through all the effort for buying, ripping and uploading those DVDs. Sadly nobody has offered doing the same for episodes 6 and 7 (and as much as I would love to do it, I live in a commie shithole called "Soviet Venezuela", which is a non-starter there). The ISO for episode 8 surfaced from literally nowhere (most likely a link to Baidu that eventually found its way into torrents and the like) sometime around January, but that looks like it was a one-off. And episode 9 was just released on C92, so...

- If you need help locating Touhou DVD ISOs (other than FK), here is my request/offer thread. Feel free to drop me a line there if you're interested.