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Topic: Ujico* - WonderWorld [24bit FLAC]

Ujico* – WonderWorld


Year: 2017
Format: WEB release

1. 篝火 (03:55)
2. 天照 (04:23)
3. 桜流し (03:44)
4. 桜月 (Interlude) (02:11)
5. Remembrance (03:27)
6. 花魁神楽 (VIP) (03:54)
7. 華神楽 (03:55)
8. 十六夜桜 (03:06)

Total length: 28:35

More information: https://0101.bandcamp.com/album/wonderworld

Download: https://mega.nz/#!FiQWwZDI!V24iMYBA9ZmD … vMw28I2iVM

If you plan to encode to mp3 or reduce the bitrate read this Show

Since mp3 doesnt support 24bit and most programs truncate or round samples when reducing bitrate, it will cause systematic errors which are audible in some cases. To prevent this, inaudible noise is applied to the conversion, which replaces the systematic error with random error, which is called dithering

To do this, open up foobar (or similiar), right click on file, open up converter setup > output format > flac and use these settings

convert and then you can proceed to transcode it to mp3