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Topic: Ripping and Uploading for Dummies (Like Me)

I recently ordered some albums which should arrive at my home very soon, but for those expert rippers and uploaders out there, I have some questions. (If this topic is in the wrong section, feel free to move it)

What are some of the programs/equipment that you use to rip CDs in their best possible quality? I know a little bit about EAC and foobar, but I've also heard a lot of debates over which is better. I'm also planning to rip in both FLAC and v0.

How do you ensure that all the tracks on the CD were tagged correctly? I've seen a few tracks where the names of the songs and/or the artist(s) were a jumbled mess, and I don't want to make that mistake myself. One of my incoming albums is also a 2-disc set, so I wanna make sure I tag it exactly right.

What website/service do you use to upload your ripped albums? This one I probably know the least about.

There's likely a lot more that I don't know, but I would like some pointers.

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Re: Ripping and Uploading for Dummies (Like Me)

For ripping, if you're on Windows you should use EAC.
Guide for initial setup (only have to do this once, but make sure to follow it exactly): http://wcdwikimirror.tk/EACSetup.html
For the boxes outlined in green, you should have your settings exactly as shown in the image.
For boxes outlined in orange, it depends on your preference/CD drive, so make sure to read what it actually says for those settings.

Guide for ripping once you've finished the setup: http://wcdwikimirror.tk/EACRip.html
I personally don't include a cover in EAC, I put it in the folder after I'm done ripping as cover.jpg/cover.png

You only have to actually rip the CD in FLAC, once you have the FLAC, you can convert it to whatever else you want without ripping the CD again.
I use foobar's built in converter for this, I find this easier because I also use foobar to add extra tags to my files once they're ripped.
If you want to use foobar for converting files, you should obviously have foobar installed, then install the encoding pack: https://www.foobar2000.org/encoderpack

This shows you some basics of the foobar converter: http://wiki.hydrogenaud.io/index.php?ti … :Converter
For MP3 v0, you want to click "Add New" on the output format page, then select "MP3 (LAME)" and drag the slider to "~245kbps, V0"
Then you can set your destination path and file name format to whatever you want (foobar has a complex file formatting reference that can do a lot if you want to look into it).

If you rip to FLAC, tags should basically always be "correct" (as in not jumbled/corrupted) as far as I know, since they're stored as UTF-8.
To make tagging easier in EAC, you can use a Gracenote->FreeDB proxy, Gracenote is the tag database iTunes uses when ripping CDs, it's much better than the one built into EAC.
There's a guide on how to set that up here: http://gncddb.azurewebsites.net/eac.html (It's in Japanese but you can mostly just follow along with the images).
You can replace the FreeDB server address with "http://cddb-155403.appspot.com/cddb" if you want, this is a Gracenote->FreeDB proxy I run which I think is slightly better than the one ran by them, but either one mostly works fine.

For multi-disc albums, there's a section on the right in EAC to set the current/total disc number, make sure to set that before ripping in EAC, though you can also set this after ripping in foobar's tag editor.

For uploading albums, I'm pretty sure almost everyone uses https://mega.nz
It does have some problems, but currently it's still better than all the alternatives.