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Yo, I figured I should also introduce myself, now that I've made an account.

I love doujin, just like everyone else here probably does. That's why I've been lurking in here for a few months, but seeing how the preview threads don't get as full as they should be getting, I decided to make an account and try to help out here and there. It probably also doesn't hurt just owning one.

That's all for my introduction I guess, I'll try to contribute and give back to this awesome community what I've been taking all this time. I'm speak no moonrunes and I can't visit Japan either, only things I can do are tasks like scraping up links or whatever. I'll still try my best to keep this community going.

After all, this is where I get all my quality music.

That's it, see ya guys around.

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Welcome, it's cool that you have such a clear idea of how you want to give back. Previews might not seem like much but I feel they can really help promote the circles who would otherwise be glossed over.

I don't do much worth mentioning, but I do contribute to the doujin music side of the Touhou Wiki (My profile) whenever I have the time. (my uploads)

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Welcome to the community, it is a privilege to have you here.

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Thanks for the kind words!

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I'm peter albert and i'm new here too...

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Welcome! I'm glad there's people like you guys who want to pitch in with the threads. If those collapsed, then this site really would be dead.

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