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I figured it was worth spreading the word, there's no English support in the base release as far as I can tell.

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Guys, this is unreal. The impossible has happened: dogs and cats are fucking together, communism is going to end next week, and ZUN just got the college fund bill for his kids.

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AoCF is also coming to Steam too!


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Amazing. The prophecy has come finally true.

Now let us see if he uploads all the older games to Steam, too. Finally I can legally own the games.

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PSA: the trial version should be up on Steam today:

Some extra notes from The Beer God himself:
English exceprts: … 768244443/

If HSiFS does well in Steam (and no doubt it's going to sell, translations or not everybody wants its legal Touhou - nobody cares about Playism, but Steam is the Major Leagues), he is going to release old games (within limits: forget about EoSD/PCB - no Flan for you!), and the next likely target is Seija's game (ISC)... with a nice bonus: Gold Rush. Y'know, the event-exclusive not-for-sale minigame that has yet to get an official release.

Oh, and new games might have a chance for getting released on Steam too.
Forget about translations: while the publisher is Mediascape (run by one of his close friends), ZUN has absolute control over everything - he is pretty much releasing the same binaries sold at events and doujin shops, nothing more nothing else. As for cards/profile backgrounds/achievements and all that cool shit? NOPE, that's not happening anytime soon (on the plus side it means existing translation patches should work with next to no changes). But then all of that applies to first-party TSA releases. Stuff like AoCF are on a completely different ballpark, and Tasofro gets to pick if they want Steamworks, cards, 'cheevos, proper localizations and all that stuff.

I wonder if all of this could imply that releasing fangames for westerners is now fully sanctioned (leaving aside the failed experiment with Takkoman)...

tl;dr: all ZUN wants is his beer monies. He doesn't care about your $25 foil Tanned Cirno cards, or the fact you can't moonrunes.

Side note: stay the hell away from the community hub for HSiFS: it's heavily polluted by 4chan shitposters. That place needs some serious moderation ASAP.

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Some helpful slides detailing Touhou on Steam, thcrap, and you: