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This thread still active? Well, probably not but I'm a newb so here goes nothing.
I'm currently finishing off my exams of the most demanding japanology course in Europe (or so I've heard), so of course I'm wasting every second I can, typical student style. I kind of feel like the only European on this forum though hmm I live in a country with three official languages, so I have Dutch as a mother tongue, English as second, French as third, Japanese as fourth and I speak a limited amount of Danish and German. I like languages, if you hadn't noticed. I'm planning on properly learning German and Danish, brushing up my French a bit and starting Spanish, Russian and Finnish. Uni is nice, though difficult, and I somehow got a lot of international friends so there's that. I like computers and science, but programming, math, physics and the like isn't really my strong point so I probs won't do anything with that. Pity.


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^I'm from Germany so don't feel ronery mkay

Learning piano atm I guess. The stuff in Master's degree has not been relevant so far except digital signal processing. Maybe next year parallel programming or advanced stochastics depending on who does the lectures, so I'd have at least learned two things from MSc.

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History and public relation is fun, a friend made a clear connection between the two alongside business and marketing

So much shit is going on these days and the only way for us to understand that is by looking at it from where it started. Did you know that racial stereotypes and knowing one's culture can help you in understanding people most of the time? Did you know that it could also be used as a marketing strategy, since as soon as you know your customers and the customs & various norms they follow you can just play it safe and be sure that the product/service you provide to them satisfy both their needs and follow their tradition/lifestyle?

Also I'm continuing my Spanish lesson after 2 years of abandoning it. I'm also seeing a bunch of my mates deciding to be multi linguists, I see it kind of like a good motivation idk



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Dostoyevsky and chill