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Topic: [Game] DateND - Think Persona, Except Significantly Worse v0.1.1

v0.1.1 Download https://mega.nz/#!QolUnRIQ!BZ8mklZpMvtv … CmFzmbeVh8

As the title suggests, I'm working on a game with the jrpg tropes combined with dating sim time/stat management that makes it - in a very broad sense - most closely compare to the Persona series. Fight the monsters, date the girls, make a mod that allows you to also date the monsters, etc etc.

Please bear with me as I am currently working on this solo - the music is all placeholders, all other assets are rough drafts that I'll polish up later, and there are likely fatal bugs around every corner. That said, I'm gladly accepting any help and feedback, and I need to know about any bugs or weird happenings encountered during gameplay.

Version History
• Complete overhaul of dungeon system, nodes are now individual rooms with random battles in between instead of fixed event points
• Complete overhaul of character stats, growth is now fixed and determined by levelling classes
• New character [Witchford] added: become good friends with [Altai] to meet her
• New class [Entguard] added: an extremely defensive class made by [Witchford] with shapeshifting abilities to either further increase defensive potential or add offensive capabilities
• New "Archetype" classes added: [ARC:Striker] and [ARC:Guardian], Archetype classes are designed to supplement stats or movelists with low exp costs and level caps
• New "Form Acts" added: these Acts add persistent buffs to the user (until the next chamber), but only one per character can be active at a time
• Classes now have individual level caps, the basic classes ([Guntecht], [Angel], [Cosmo], [Entguard]) have been raised to 30
• [Showoff] acts no longer stack; instead their effects are increased by landing hits on enemies
• [Showoff] acts are now Form Acts
• Characters are now prevented from acting independently while their act menu is open
• Various UI adjustments and improvements

• Initial release

Plans For Next Update
• Mostly visual polish
• Add floors 6-10
• Balance update to certain Acts
• Add total level cap

Bugs Under Investigation
• Killing multiple enemies simultaneously freezes the game (reported, not reproducible on my computer, needs further investigation)
• Status effect text carrying over from one day to the next (supposedly fixed, but needs further testing)

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1 link per post I die


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It is only because you are new, give it a few days.


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Good news this project isn't dead yet! After a hiatus, some soul searching, and a lot of redone code this update brings some pretty major changes and additions! (Full changelist and download link will be added to OP)

Revamped Dungeon System

I wanted the dungeon crawling to be streamlined, but the original iteration was a little too simple, so now nodes serve as individual rooms instead of fixed encounters and events. Each room can still have an event attached to it - be it a boss fight, a treasure chest, or a wandering merchant - but these are now triggered via the "Investigate" option. Not every room will have an event, and some will have a chance to present one of several events including trap variants.

Revamped Level System

Some important feedback made me realize a fixed stat curve for each class would make much more sense for a game like this, and I have adjusted the level system in kind. Additionally, to more closely reflect the rules of DnD that these characters are supposed to be playing, class switching has been replaced with a free levelling system where any character can level up any class that has been unlocked to permanently increase their total stats. This, however, comes at the cost of a permanent increase in exp cost for the next level in any class, and a hard cap in total level, so classes must be levelled wisely.

New Character: Witchford


Not actually a witch, though she does deal in magic, more specifically: magic related to punching. Witchy fills in the shapeshifting druid role with a focus on defense that makes her probably the best tank in the game with good multirole abilities from her base class, Entguard, which is chock full of skills designed to protect allies and absorb damage (as well as a few that are pretty good at dishing it out).


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Promote this somewhere on the Discord group with a moderator's permission for actual exposure.


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Honestly I'm mostly just using this to archive my progress, I talk about it on the discord sometimes (unless there's another server im not aware of) but when it's farther along maybe I will see if I can promote it there

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Future updates will now be posted on https://datend.blogspot.com/

Just to have a single place to link everything to