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Hm hello there !
Uh, well, since I'm new here, guess it'd be a great idea to introduce myself ? Sorry, I am a little awkward ><
(I'm French by the way, so my english may sound a lil weird sometimes !)

I'm a huge fan of Touhou Project and doujin stuff obviously. I've discovered Touhou 4 years ago and that's what brought me to the wonderful world of doujin works ! I listen a lot to doujin music, and my favourite circle has to be Alstroemeria Records <3. I don't read lots of worksafe doujinshis But I've already read many Aozora Market's and Ennui Akadako's works and loved it. I want to discover plenty new doujinshi authors in the future *0* There are also a lot of doujin/nidie games that intrerests me but the thing is, I'm super slow at finishing video games haha, so my to-play-list grows faster than I can clear it ahha kill me. But I really do love video games, whether they're indie or not.

Besides this, I love anime, manga and music in general (not only indie or asian stuff). I also LOVE drawing. Drawing is my life ;w;

Uh well, that's all I guess. I hope I'll meet plenty new people here and discover tons of wonderful doujin works ! <3


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Koko-chan wrote:

Try reading the important message up top and you'll strike gold.